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The Little Girl Who Loved Her Bunnies

Once Upon A Time there was a little girl name Vivian who loved to play with her bunnies.

She had so many bunnies she never knew which one to play with. They all came in different shapes and sizes.

Some with dresses, other’s with tutu’s.

Each had names…of course!

She would take turns playing and loving on each one.

Making sure to never leave one out.

She did however have her one and only favorite named Rosebud.

A darling ballerina bunny with a pink tutu and floral crown of rose buds.

Vivi enjoy’s reading picture books to Rosebud.


Vivi loves all of her bunnies but Rosebud will always be her special favorite.

Vivian is my daughter. I took these photos in her bedroom on an ugly rainy day.

I love window portrait photos. They are beautiful and timeless captures.

Miss Vivian and Rosebud enjoyed cuddling up on this rainy day.

This is a Ellie Life shoot. Please contact me if you would like to book one for your sweet one.

Happy Smiles!


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