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The Enchanting Secret Garden

Once Upon A Time….

Two sweet young sisters snuggles up on a sofa to read their favorite fairytales.

They soon grow sleepy and tired.

All of a sudden the girls wake up in a dream unaware of where they are.

This special place in their dreams is a secret garden.

 The younger sister Ellie tells her big sister Anna a special secret that she must never share or tell anyone.

This secret garden is where girls dance, play, and share their secrets.

Play Ring Around the Rosie.

Queen Anna of the Secret Garden

Princess Ellie of the Secret Garden

Would you like to venture to the Secret Garden?

There is always room for the dreamers like you and me.

This is a Pink Ellie Art concept shoot. Please contact me if you would like to book an Ellie Art shoot for your little one.

Happy Smiles,


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