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Girl In Water | Child Photographer | Fine Art Photography | Macon Middle GA

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Girl In Water

Her wooden water-throne

Her low lake eyes

She’s in a magic place

Half submerged in sunken sky

Semblance of a beautiful light

On the water

It’s an angel under giant trees

Angel in the low lake

Her secret name

Mirroring that light

A perfect balance of sound

The spirit holds her right

No longer Earthbound

Skin is rhythm with the air now

Sphere of golden hair in her hair now

Angels turns her eyes over twice

Girl in water turns to light

~ Christopher Ryan

Girl in Water is one of my personal favorite photos I have captured to date.

When I look at the image it reminds me of a gorgeous pre-raphaelite painting.

Such as the master artist John Waterhouse

His work is a huge inspiration to me!

I want to thank my friend Christopher Ryan for collaborating with me on this personal special project.

Christopher is a phenomenal modern day poet that is a brilliant gifted writer.

He’s an old soul that writes with passion and feeling that completely captures you.

It’s a true honor to work with him.

I’m very appreciative to Scarlet Pink magazine for featuring this beautiful pieces of ours in their current Winter issue.

Thank you to Faye Foley my gorgeous model and to Shalon Blackwell for your outstanding work in hair and make-up.

Light, Love and Smiles…..

Pink Ellie Photography

  • Curtis Hayslip

    What a phenomenal photo. Your talent amazes me. There is no limit to what you can do.ReplyCancel

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