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Girl In Water

Her wooden water-throne

Her low lake eyes

She’s in a magic place

Half submerged in sunken sky

Semblance of a beautiful light

On the water

It’s an angel under giant trees

Angel in the low lake

Her secret name

Mirroring that light

A perfect balance of sound

The spirit holds her right

No longer Earthbound

Skin is rhythm with the air now

Sphere of golden hair in her hair now

Angels turns her eyes over twice

Girl in water turns to light

~ Christopher Ryan

Girl in Water is one of my personal favorite photos I have captured to date.

When I look at the image it reminds me of a gorgeous pre-raphaelite painting.

Such as the master artist John Waterhouse

His work is a huge inspiration to me!

I want to thank my friend Christopher Ryan for collaborating with me on this personal special project.

Christopher is a phenomenal modern day poet that is a brilliant gifted writer.

He’s an old soul that writes with passion and feeling that completely captures you.

It’s a true honor to work with him.

I’m very appreciative to Scarlet Pink magazine for featuring this beautiful pieces of ours in their current Winter issue.

Thank you to Faye Foley my gorgeous model and to Shalon Blackwell for your outstanding work in hair and make-up.

Light, Love and Smiles…..

Pink Ellie Photography

  • Curtis Hayslip

    What a phenomenal photo. Your talent amazes me. There is no limit to what you can do.ReplyCancel

Pink Ellie Photography

Raven Beauty dark as night

Hair the color ink.

Eyes that glare, skin so fair

Haunts upon the weak.

She smirks and stares at those who dare cross upon her way.

Burgundy lips, her sultry full hips begging you to stay.

Come my friend I’ll take you in my chamber of the night.

Hunger, dance, ravenous romance ecstasy so high.

Leaves you breathless wanting more as darkness fills the sky.

Passion dies and you will cry the doom of your fate.

Raven beauty prays again for her next lonesome bait.


Pink Ellie Photography

As a photographer I am still on my path evolving and growing.

I enjoy challenging myself to break out of the mold with experimenting new styles and concepts.

For me, I feel it’s extremely important to create my own personal side projects that will help showcase my range in photography.

I enjoy the fantasy aspect of photography.

Creating a “mood” in which you feel you can get lost in.

Pink Ellie Photography

I had the exciting opportunity to photograph the beautiful talented Breezy Weekes.

She lives in L.A. with her rock star husband Dallon Weekes of Panic at the Disco.

Breezy and I have known each other for years thru the arts and craft community.

She and I talked and thought it would be a wonderful idea to collaborate together.

During her time visiting I photographed three very different themed style looks.

Raven Beauty is number one that I’m sharing with you.

I thought it was good timing with Halloween only being a few short days away.

Pink Ellie Photography

What I love most about this specific shoot is the gorgeous lighting.

I wanted her character to come across as confident, mysterious and powerful.

Pink Ellie Photography

My absolute favorite photo from the shoot.

She is a dark princess.

Pink Ellie Photography

I must give a huge hand to my friend Jefferey Ortega for once again doing a flawless job on her make-up.

Her eyes and lips draw you in to her sultry demeanour.


Photographer/Wardrobe/Stylist ~ Jennifer Hayslip

Model ~ Breezy Weekes

Hair & Makeup ~ Jeffrey Ortega

Location ~ Villa Teresa

Jessica Drossin actions and textures were used for post edit.

Pink Ellie Photography

I look forward to sharing more of my work and collaboration with Breezy soon.



  • Garden Artisan


  • Jennifer Jones Grenko

    Her hair and eyes are amazing. Beautiful subject and lighting captured by a truly talented photographer!ReplyCancel

  • Rebecca Fielden


  • Rebecca Fielden


  • Holly Stinnett

    Gorgeous artful pictures!! Beautiful work, beautiful subject!ReplyCancel

Pink Ellie PhotographyMy husband and I recently took our children to the National Fair in Perry, GA.

We usually go during the day when the crowds are a bit calmer and lines not to long.

This time however, I decided I wanted my children to experience the fair at night when all of the lights were lit up colorful and bright.

You can feel the buzz and excitement in the air!

Going to the fair brings back alot of memories of my younger teenage years.

  I was either going with a group of girlfriends or on a date.

I was able to capture this one magical photo that reminds me of those days.

Beautiful, peaceful, and a whirlwind of fun!

Happy Smiles!



Meet the adorable Butler Children.

I was delighted to have the opportunity to photograph this beautiful family.

And I mean BEAUTIFUL!!


“Brother and sister, together as friends, 

Ready to face whatever life sends.

Joy and laughter or

tears and strife,

Holding hands tightly as we dance through life.

~Suzie Huitt


For the shoot it was all about capturing their strong sibling bond and their true sweet emotions.

The young boys Morris (cute red curly head) and Ben (youngest) were all boy free-spirited and running around.




Adorable Morris!!

That smile just melts me!!



Morris is a playful little ham!!


Belly Laughs are the best!!!



How sweet is Ben hugging his bunny?

Heart melting!!



The girls Maryblue and Sallie are quite the poised young ladies! They were graceful and at times fierce with their gorgeous poses.


Gorgeous sisters….pinkelliephotography


So pretty!


Sleeping beauties….





pinkelliephotographySibling love!


You can see the strong bond and love these sweet siblings have with one another.

Pink Ellie Photography

They are a beautiful and very photogenic family.

Classic and Timeless.

Pink Ellie Photography

  • Haley Heath

    Absolutely beautiful Pink Ellie Photography – Jennifer Hayslip and Jessica Todd Butler!!ReplyCancel

  • Murray Todd

    Can’t wait to frame some of these beautiful shots- great job, Jennifer!!!ReplyCancel

  • Sophie Lowe

    Jenn, you did it again!! You are a natural!! :)ReplyCancel

  • Valerie Jordan

    These are precious! Great shots and tender moments! ReplyCancel

Pink Ellie Photography

This summer I had the wonderful opportunity to attend Jen Carver’s Alabama Alumni workshop.

I attended last years workshop in NYC and an incredible learning experience while meeting other amazing talented photographers from all over.

The workshop was located at the Dream Ranch Lodge in Guntersville, AL.

Approximately 20 photographers stayed at the ranch and we participated in a weekend long photo shoot of the most beautiful young female models.

Over the weekend we had different set themes and styled looks.

From dreamy floral shoots to Ralph Lauren country.

We also had the opportunity to photograph and submit for the upcoming Joyfolie Fall catalog.

I took HUNDREDS of photos, but these are the select few that I truly loved and edited.

Pink Ellie Photography

The above photo was chosen for Child Photo Competition inspiring week 38.

Child Photo Competition

It was such an honor!!

Pink Ellie Photography

The gorgeous Faye.

She became my muse for the weekend.

I LOVED photographing her.

Pink Ellie Photography

Faye reminds me of Drew Barrymore with her messy curly hair and signature red lips.

Pink Ellie Photography

This beautiful boat photo reminds me of John Waterhouse paintings.

“Faye the lady of Shallot”

Pink Ellie Photography

“The Violinist”

Pink Ellie Photography

Pink Ellie Photography

Pink Ellie Photography

“A magical woodland Faye”

Pink Ellie Photography

“A peek into the fairy forest”

Pink Ellie Photography

There are so many incredible images of these little beauties!

I wish I had more hours in the day to edit them all!!!

If you enjoy my work please FOLLOW me on facebook! I appreciate all “likes” and kind words!

Thanks for visiting!
Happy Smiles!


  • Rebecca May Willison Spencer

    Jenn, you have such a wonderful talent. These photographs are just stunning! (being a freckle girl myself, I LOVE the freckles on her nose)ReplyCancel

  • Jenn, I’m blown away more with each photo I see from you!ReplyCancel