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It’s a fun summer day for a bike ride.

As you can see Alex is having a happy jolly ole’ time riding down the sidewalk.

Pink Ellie Photography

Pink Ellie Photography

I adore Alex!

He has such a sweet personality that was very expressive and lit up in front of the camera!

Pink Ellie Photography

So happy go lucky!

Pink Ellie Photography

Pink Ellie Photography

Loving the bubbles!!!

Pink Ellie Photography

And his baby sister….

Pink Ellie Photography

His little sister is Sara.

She melted my heart with her big sparkle eyes!

Pink Ellie Photography

Pink Ellie Photography

Pink Ellie Photography

Sara had a little bubble fun action herself.

Pink Ellie Photography

Where’s baby’s tummy?

Pink Ellie Photography

It’s time for nursery rhymes.

Childhood and old nursery rhymes go hand in hand.

Pink Ellie Photography

Pink Ellie Photography

Pink Ellie Photography

Last but not least…a few smile and giggles on the rocking horse.

So cute!

Pink Ellie Photography

I’m so delighted I had the opportunity to capture these precious photos and memories of the Rayburn children.

Sweet and timeless on a happy fun summer day!

Pink Ellie Photography

  • Linda Owen Postma

    I love so much about these photos! It’s hard to pick a favorite! Adorable kids plus your talent make for beautiful photographic memories for their family!ReplyCancel

  • Debi Coules

    Absolutely GORGEOUS and such emotion! I could’t even pick a favorite! Love them all!! You are one very talented lady!!!

pink ellie photography

I am excited for the release of the premier issue of Enchanting Photography.

The magazine has been a dream project for the editor in chief Sonia Crouse.

The magazine is page by page full of beauty and inspiration!

Enchanting Photography.

I am BEYOND THRILLED that Sonia contacted me to feature my photography AND the biggest surprise and gift was she made my photo the cover of the premier issue!!

What an honor!!

Press Release-Ad copy

My feature

Pink Ellie Photography

To read more about the magazine and to purchase please click


To purchase and enjoy this publication, please visit here:

There is a SALE on the premier issue right now!

Premier release sale

Thank you Sonia for this wonderful opportunity to be featured amongst the most talented photographers!!

Wishing you much success!!!



“Then followed that beautiful season…Summer…

Filled was the air with a dreamy and magical light;

and the landscape

Lay as if new created in all the freshness of childhood.”

~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


Rays of sunlight peek thru the forest and wake all of Mother Nature’s living creatures.

Birds sing and chirp happy songs that fill the air.


Summer brings light, warm, energy and playfulness.


Fairytale beauties dressed in white.







Pretty girls with flushed peach cheeks and soft glossed lips.



A Midsummer Darling







Honey colored grass that matches her hair.



Sunlight on her skin.


Sisters bound forever!


Rejoice in sisterhood!


Always best friends….always there for each other.


Styling, makeup, hair, wardrobe and photography by Jennifer Hayslip.

Summer Sisters is the 2nd series to my original post titled “Winter Sisters“.

I am extremely proud and honored to have Summer Sisters as a fan feature by the prestigious photography website

Beyond the Wanderlust.


You can read the fan feature here.

A huge thank you to Michelle and Brooke for lighting up in front of the camera and capturing my summery fairytale vision.

Thank you for visiting! 

Pink Ellie Photography

  • Debi Coules

    I can only say ABSOLUTELY BREATHTAKING Jenn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your work so touches ones heart! Exquisite styling too!!! You are such a talent!! <3ReplyCancel

  • I can only say ABSOLUTELY BREATHTAKING Jenn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your work so touches ones heart! Exquisite styling too!!! You are such a talent!! <3ReplyCancel

  • Linda Owen Postma

    How fun for these girls to have fairytale-like pictures of themselves! What beautiful girls and what beautiful work, Jenn!ReplyCancel

  • Valerie Thurtle Garvey

    Simple divine how the sun makes patterns on the photo beautiful xReplyCancel

Pink Ellie Photography

Welcome to Bunny Girl’s Tea Garden.

It’s a magical and enchanting little spot.

Would you care for a cupcake or a bite of chocolate bunny?


Pink Ellie Photography

“Mister Floppy would you care for a bite of my chocolate bunny?” say’s bunny girl.

Pink Ellie Photography

Diamonds and chocolate are a girls best friend!

Pink Ellie Photography

One of the reason’s I branched into photography is I love storytelling and styling with a fun whimsical twist. I also want to entertain visually.

Inspired by the talented master photographer Tim Walker, I dreamed up this personal project and brought it to life with collaborative help of

Hair Stylist Claudia Marable who custom handmade the gorgeous lavender wig for the shoot.

Make up artist Jeffrey Ortega. Jeffrey also designs and hand creates elaborate one of a kind costumes and custom shoes.

Last but not least… my beautiful friend, model, and muse Stephanie Mauldin Folsom.

As a team we all worked amazingly well to create this dreamy fairytale photo shoot.

Pink Ellie Photography

WOW! Mister Floppy miraculously shrinked down in size!

How in fairytale heaven did that happen?

Pink Ellie Photography

Pink Ellie Photography

The photos have a magical Alice in Wonderland feel to it.

Pink Ellie Photography

Pink Ellie Photography

The regal queen (minus the ears) standing in front of her camellia bush.

Pink Ellie Photography

I love creating over the top themes that make you want to jump in and escape!

I look forward to many more collaborations and making new stories to share with you.

Happy Easter!

Pink Ellie Photography

  • Leanne Mcgrath

    Love your imagination, so inspiring. Gorgeous photography and enchanting styling! Love it all xxReplyCancel

  • Debs Adams

    Beautiful photography always! Love that dress and the whimsy wig..gorgeous colour. Congratulations on a wonderful shoot! xReplyCancel

  • Dixie Sims Dobbins

    So fun! Great lighting, poses, props and theme! Youre just so creative!ReplyCancel

  • Kim Holmes

    Love this!ReplyCancel

Pink Ellie Photography

He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands.

I can’t help but think of that melodic little children’s tune when I look at this photo.

These young brothers most definitely have the world in their hands!

Little do they understand now that the world is their oyster.

Pink Ellie Photography

For boys at this sweet age it’s all about playing ball, riding tricycles, flying kites, pushing matchbox cars around, and blowing bubbles.

Pink Ellie Photography

Pink Ellie Photography


Let’s fly a kite!

Pink Ellie Photography

True to little boys…somewhere in the middle of the shoot we lost the bow tie.:)

Pink ellie Photography


Pink Ellie Photography

What an irresistible smile!

Pink Ellie Photography

Pink Ellie Photography

Taking a break for a little daydreaming.

Pink Ellie Photography

The brothers are so handsome!

What fine little men!

Pink Ellie Photography

Pink Ellie Photography

Pink Ellie Photography

Pink Ellie Photography

Pink Ellie Photography

A boy and his cars.

Pink Ellie Photography

Pure silliness!

Pink Ellie Photography

Pink Ellie Photography

Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a Superhero.

                 ~Author Unknown

It was fun spending the afternoon with these handsome fella’s.

I look forward to watching them grow and develop into fine young men.

May the WORLD give them life’s best opportunities, lessons and offerings.

Pink Ellie Photography

  • Jennifer Jones Grenko

    These are wonderful! Another GREAT job! ReplyCancel