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When I think of vintage glamour I think of old Hollywood starlets dripping in diamonds, furs, and the finest silk gowns.

 The 1920’s art deco/jazz era is a true representation of glamour and luxury to the max!

I teamed up and collaborated with a very talented friend of mine to re-create our own version of vintage glamour.

Claudia Marable is a professional hair and make-up stylist. She also specializes in creating custom wigs.

Claudia and her Mother own the shop “Shh..It’s a wig” here locally in Macon, GA.

The gorgeous wigs the models are wearing were all created by Claudia talented hands.

Together we dreamed up a Great Gatsby concept shoot.

She and I both are in the process of building our editorial portfolio and thought we would make a great team!

We had a fabulous small team that each contributed into creating our own stunning visual editorial fashion spread.

Jennifer – wardrobe, stylist, shoot location, photographer

Claudia- wardrobe, stylist, make-up, hair

Tedrian – Co-stylist

Models – Stephanie Mauldin Folsom, Molly Wilkins, Crystal Rogers

This gorgeous model is Stephanie Mauldin Folsom.

A dear and sweet friends of mine.

Her alter ego name is Madison!

This radiant sexy siren beauty is Molly Wilkins aka Trixie!

Va Va Va Voom!

Let me introduce you to this gorgeous glamour girl Crystal Rogers.

Also know as…Lola.

The lux life of fabulous all night parties and champagne non-stop flowing!

Only the best for these beauties!

Cheers girls!

Claudia and I are thrilled with how our first collaborative photo shoot turned out.

Breathtaking Beauties!

We are already in the process of dreaming up our next editorial photography theme.

If you are interested in contacting Claudia or I for our services please feel free to contact me.

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Happy Glamourous Smiles!


  • Wow! An absolutely gorgeous Deco glam collaborative! Congrats to you and Claudia! I will be “liking” and sharing Facebook!

    Wishing you much success and fun times to come!


  • Michelle Lauritsen

    Oh My Gosh!!! You are both soooooo talented!! That is an amazing photoshoot, down to the very last detail. Thank you so much for sharing, it was a lot of fun to look thru!ReplyCancel

  • Kathy

    Breath taking … sorry to favorite someone… but my niece Crystal steals the spotlight.. …And yes the other girls are beautiful ..too..and as proud as me of their family..yall did a wonderfull job…kudos !!!ReplyCancel

I had the incredible opportunity to shoot these handsome brothers on their horse farm.

How cute is Chelsea?

Giving a little horse love with peppermint treats.

Puppy Love on the Farm


Barn Kitty needs some love too.

The property has the most beautiful lined trees.

Simply stunning!

Time to feed the chickens.

There is nothing sweeter than a boy and his beloved dog.

Doggie Hugs!

The Golden Hour on the Farm

Sweet brotherly love!

Happy Smiles,


 Sweet Rose Garden Girl…

I truly love photographing children and especially when they are wearing the most beautiful outfits.

Vivian is wearing a shabby chic style apron dress. I had it custom made by Vintage Pearl Clothing.

I love all of Angela’s custom designed handmade outfits and girl headband’s and accessories.

 Gardenias and Roses are my two favorite flowers.

So much so that I even named my daughter’s middle name ROSE.

 Mom’s of little girls I highly encourage you to check out Vintage Pearl Clothing. Please tell her I sent you!

Happy Smiles,


  • Desiree

    Oh Jenn! Vivi is so beautiful and your photos are stunning! You really have a wonderful talent for capturing the ethereal quality of children. I can hardly wait to see how the Sweet Nutcracker, Swan Lake photo shoot turns out! Everything you do is so gorgeous!ReplyCancel

If you were to ask these two young brothers where their favorite place in the world is that they love to visit they each would quickly reply…

The Farm.

The boys love joining their Dad at the farm on the weekends. It’s their fun home away from home spot!

They have acres of free land to roam and be all boy! 

It’s the best place to run wild playing with toy guns.

A little horse action! GIDDY UP!

Late in the afternoon there is nothing better than fishing at the pond.

As these brothers grow older they will always have these happy memories to reflect upon of their childhood and life on the farm.

Happy Smiles,


Once Upon A Time….

Two sweet young sisters snuggles up on a sofa to read their favorite fairytales.

They soon grow sleepy and tired.

All of a sudden the girls wake up in a dream unaware of where they are.

This special place in their dreams is a secret garden.

 The younger sister Ellie tells her big sister Anna a special secret that she must never share or tell anyone.

This secret garden is where girls dance, play, and share their secrets.

Play Ring Around the Rosie.

Queen Anna of the Secret Garden

Princess Ellie of the Secret Garden

Would you like to venture to the Secret Garden?

There is always room for the dreamers like you and me.

This is a Pink Ellie Art concept shoot. Please contact me if you would like to book an Ellie Art shoot for your little one.

Happy Smiles,