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Boys on the farm

If you were to ask these two young brothers where their favorite place in the world is that they love to visit theyView full post »

The Enchanting Secret Garden

Once Upon A Time…. Two sweet young sisters snuggles up on a sofa to read their favorite fairytales. They soonView full post »

The Girls Of Summer

Say Say My Playmate….. Aaaaah…the sweet carefree days of childhood. Everyday was a play date and ourView full post »

The Boys Of Summer

The Boys Of Summer! I had the fun opportunity to photograph twins David and Will. As you can see they are fraternalView full post »

The Little Girl Who Loved Her Bunnies

Once Upon A Time there was a little girl name Vivian who loved to play with her bunnies. She had so many bunnies sheView full post »

Catching Stars And Playing Make Believe

When you wish upon a star…..  Most every little girl I know loves to play make-believe. It’s allView full post »